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Hello! Meet

LeQuita C. Harrison

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I was born and raised in a loving Christian family in Baltimore, MD. I believe in the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ and trust in the power of God. I enjoy spreading positive energy and providing inspirational and encouraging messages to anyone I pass. I always love to remind people to continue to trust in God, to believe in themselves, and to never give up. God is an on-time God and he is STILL in control!

My imagination is wild and I have God to thank for that. My love for writing grew over the years from reading books of all genres and imagining myself standing beside amazing characters. Most of the time I write fantasy fiction but I do enjoy dipping my fingers in psychological realism and science fiction. You can find some of my work on Wattpad where it's a great writing platform to test the waters and to meet new readers and writers. 

I am proud to proclaim that in May of 2022 I self-published a collection of fictional short stories titled STUCK. It was for my MFA thesis at University of Baltimore which I successfully completed and received my Masters in Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts. I've published a few writings and articles and presently working on a fantasy book series titled The Fairest.

On the side of my obsession with writing and reading, I am a graphic designer with my own small design business for digital and print projects and handmade crafts called LeQuita's Designs. I've built my skills over the past 12 years and hope one day I can help you bring your ideas to life. Please check out my Design Portfolio. 

To prove to you that I am a human being, I have a huge crush on Spiderman (Marvel) and love to cook and to eat. I am a TV show fanatic, meaning I'd rather watch a good TV show than a movie. I am not a good dancer so if Kiss (by Prince) come on, watch out and be prepared for a good laugh. Thank you so much for visiting my website and supporting me. 

If you'd like to connect professionally or casually, feel free to contact me and I'll respond when I can. Be blessed, keep smiling, and remember never give up. 

Reading is good for the mind.

Writing is good for the heart.

Together they are good for the soul. 

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