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Fairest Glossary

A’Muraelia – Also spoken as the Muraelia or the Diviine Nine. Valeeran for the Old Gods or the First Realm. A time when there were nine gods instead of six.

Ah’Serene – Also seen as A’Serene. Valeeran for The Serene.

Ahha – Valeeran word for Yes or Okay.

Alane – Valeeran word for Love.

Annual Fair Ceremony – A three-day ceremony observed on the second month of a new year when spring is truly beginning to enter. Under a full moon, human sacrifices are made for the atonement of sins and prayers for the new year. Only observed in Ardania.

Ardeans – See Giant-Folk

Cleared Mark – A circle tattooed around a Crescent Mark or left empty for anyone who was identified Strange but had been cleared and deemed worthy to be Fair again by the Diviines, the Crown, and the Priesthood.

Conjurors – A group of sorcerers known in Valeera who worship Niitas, the old goddess of death.

Crescent Mark – A mark tattooed or branded on the side of someone’s neck to identify them as a Strange or a slave.

Diviine Priest – A priest who specializes and serves one of the Diviine Six and provides guidance and sacrifices for atonements.

Diviine(s) – With two I’s, it means divinity, deity, a god or the gods, or something or someone holy.

Elder’s Mark – A circle tattooed on a person’s neck or body part when they’ve reached the age of 70 without any known defects to identify them as forever Fair.

Elf/Elves – Mystical beings created by Naphri, who mostly live in the Kingdom of Ilseda.

Era(s) – A word used to describe or mention every 100th year, starting with year one. (Ex. Year 100-199 is the 100th Era). Also used to describe a specific period in history. (Ex. The Pirate Siege Era).

Fair – A word or title only observed in Ardania. People who are considered cleared of any visible or internal defects such as deformities, illnesses, sometimes ethnicity (ex. Elf or half-Elf), or criminal activities since birth.

Ferry Priest – A priest who does the smaller but important tasks for the Priesthood, such as leading services, funerals, prayers, songs, sacrifices, and rituals, managing the temple, and giving inspirational messages and encouragement to believers.

Fut/ Futtin– Valeeran curse words.

Giant-Folk – Also known as Ardeans. Mystical beings sometimes referred to as Giant(s) were created by the goddess Danala and once inhabited Ardania many eras ago.

Gold Madness – A tragic event that happened in the late 900th Era involving the Golden King, Julieoni, using sorcery to magnify his sooth of mind-bending to conquer Gorana.

Hala – Valeeran word for Hello. A form of greeting to someone you honor or respect.

Haminest ov Casad – Fairest of Old aka the Ordained. The Fairests who lived in history who have gained and earned their seats in the Hall of Diviine Thrones within the Serene.

Magician – A person who learns how to yield and control magic.

Mankiineans – Mystical beings created by the Old God Hamino before and after the creation of Valeera. They were born with magic and were anointed as Seers until it was transferred to the Komali’s. Their surnames always end with -iine and they lived in Fairlaana.

Markers – People who work during Checkings to tattoo or brand certain markings onto people’s necks.

Mystical – Anything or anyone possessing magic or having a connection to magic or anything supernatural.

Nanthe Tu – Valeeran phrase for Thank You.

Peeks – Valeeran currency by coins. Another word for money which may also be used.

Pirate Siege or Era – The name of the 900th Era when piracy grew into a major issue for all kingdoms. Half of this era is known as the Wounded Hearts Era.

Reliq(s) – Damned or unholy souls that are transformed into demonic spirits or wanderers trapped within the Starliin.

Royal(s) – Anyone born into royalty or has a royal title. Sometimes referred to as higher nobles.

Sanction Ritual – Inspired by a ritual in the Book of Legends, it is a holy ceremony done by priests only to confide with the gods for information, guidance, decisions, and much more. Special sacrifices, prayers, discussions, and votes are performed.

Seer – A person anointed by the Diviine Six and/or the Spirit of Magic to commune directly with the gods.

Sinthani – Sinth for singular. Valeeran word for guardians, messengers, and servants of the Diviines. Some are also ferry sinthani, who transport or guide the dead through the Hall of Souls to Dawnis.

Sithico – Ancient Valeeran curse word mainly spoken by the gods.

Soother – A person born with a special gift called a sooth. A Fiisen bears fire. An Aeran controls the air. A Julien reflects the heart. An Ersan bends the mind. An Iisen bends water. A Terran bends the earth.

Sorcerer – A person who learns the dark arts of blood magic. Women are sometimes called a sorceress or a witch.

Starliin – A magical barrier formed when Valeera was created but later reformed stronger to prevent the Diviine Six from physically entering the realm.

Strange – Only observed in Ardania. People born or later considered defective with a visible or internal deformity, illness or had committed a crime or not ethnically Ardanian (ex. Elf or half-Elf). Some Strange are given the Crescent Mark on the side of their neck, especially slaves.

Teen Elders – The teens in the Lost Ones, ages 14 and older. There are presently twelve.

The Book of Legends – Also known as the Sacred Book to the Blesseds and the Fair Hearts. A book that has been translated and copied for eras and given to each kingdom and persons of high authority. It contains the history of Valeera, the Diviine Six, the Old Gods, five of the Fairests of Old, and spiritual messages and prophesies.

The Hall of Souls – Also known as the Hall of Death. The first step people take when they die. Their souls enter the Starliin and are immediately transported to Dawnis’ realm.

The Old God Hamino – Once a major god apart of the Muraelia (see A’Muraelia) who had the power of fairness, justice, unity, peace, and love. Around the time of the creation of Valeera, he gave his Promise to the realm. Sometime in the 200th Era he sacrificed himself and divided himself into three entities; the Spirit of Magic, an Anointed Bloodline, and a Fairest from that bloodline. He is also the creator of the Mankiineans (see Mankiineans).

The Ordained – See Haminest ov Casad.

The Vanished King – Also known as the Last Fairest or the Vanished Fairest, his name was Tiivon Lariius, born on the first day of the first month of Era 800. He rightfully conquered Gorana and became king in his twenties. He reigned into his fifties before mysteriously disappearing.

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