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Modern Family- Season 5 Episode 18 Los Vegas

Modern Family is the most hilarious show other than the Big Bang Theory. 

If you want a good laugh these people can give it to you. 

I just finished watching Season 5 Episode 18: Los Vegas. I died laughing. 

They go on a trip to Los Vegas where everyone has their own agendas. 

  1. Phil attends a magician group he’s been practicing for.. yea guess how that goes

  2. Clare turns into a gambler in order to restock the money she lost from gambling

  3. Gloria tries to get rid of a female dog butler before Jay sees it

  4. Jay is trying to contact the owner of the hotel because he realized the man jipped him of the best rooms

  5. Mitchel is just enjoying his vacation with relaxing spa treatments

  6. Cameron in secret tried to attend their gay friend’s bachelor party only for it to backfire when the guy (who still has a crush on Mitch) ends up getting entangled into everyone’s affairs. 

  7. Strange… yeah, the guy along with this hotel butler unconsciously became the turn of events for everyone which was super hilarious!!!

  8. of course at the very end everything turned to normal, working out fine, except Jay who found out he was jipped again.

Bummer! This show is great! Had the best laugh- silent laugh- ever here at work. 0_o

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