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I’m Offering Self-Publishing Coaching Services!

Do you have a finished book waiting to be published but you don’t know where or how to start?

Are you in the middle of waiting for responses from query letters?

Are you too busy or need assistance through the process to publishing your work and placing it in the hands of readers?

Do you want to take control over the process and receive full royalties in sales?

Do you simply need help or guidance so everything would work out smoothly?

Well, I KNOW what you may be looking for!

A Self-Publishing Coach helps a writer on their journey to taking control and self-publishing their own work. You don’t need traditional publishing companies to do it for you. Did you know most TP companies give you little to no control over the representation of your book? And when it comes to royalties, you only get at least 25% of the revenue of your book sales. Why not 70% or better yet the entire 100%? And don’t get me started with seeking a literary agent.

These days, many writers are taking the self-publishing route, but it comes with its own list of challenges and steps you may have to face. From formatting your book, to cover designing, marketing, and distribution, you’re calendar will be filled. And which step should you start first?

But what if you had help? Someone there to assist you on this journey that’s supposed to be fun and enjoyable?

Hello! I’m LeQuita C. Harrison!

I have my Masters in Fine Arts in the specialization of Creative Writing and Publishing Arts from University of Baltimore. I’ve experienced the ins and outs of self-publishing my collection of short stories titled Stuck. And I must say I was grateful to have my peers, my professors, and an encouraging advisor to help me along the way. I didn’t do it by myself and I must say, it made it easier for me. And I successfully sold more than half of my printed copies!

So, if you’re a writer and you have a book sitting and waiting for you to make the next step. Seek help today! Check out my Self-Publishing Coaching services and let’s get your book into the hands of readers.

Limited Seats Offered.

Written by: LeQuita C. Harrison

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