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29K on Wattpad

Hello Fairest of the Fair!

I am so thankful for all of my readers and supporters on Wattpad. Because of you and your love for my crazy, weird characters, The Fairest has passed 29k reads.

I remember when I first added The Fairest on Wattpad. It was definitely not the present draft, but it had foundation. When I wrote this book, I was taking a long break from a fantasy book I was already working on called the Samelia Series. Because it was new and fun with its own dangers, it took me at least three months to write from beginning to end.

And as it waited for a sequel, I returned my full focus on Samelia which eventually flopped. So then an idea popped into my head. How about I combine the Samelia Universe with The Fairest Universe and whala!!! Only certain readers who had read the first drafts of The Fairest and Samelia could pinpoint familiar information and characters that may pop up in this present version of The Fairest.

Overall, I am happy of Book One. It still has major edits and revisions that need to be done. But I am glad to see people are enjoying it.

Again, thank you readers and supporters for checking out The Fairest.

P.S. Thank you for subscribing to my blog and entering the Fairest Universe!

From LeQuita

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