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Re-Release of The Fairest Book 1

The weeks are counting down! On August 1, 2024, The Fairest Book 1 will be republished as an eBook and Paperback. Since January of this year, I've been revising my book due to small errors I've caught and drastic changes that will not effect the book's plot. So if a reader has already purchased the first edition, they can rest assure that the plot and incidents in the book have not changed.

Today, I have posted the final book trailer which covers the entire span of the Fairest Series. There aren't any spoilers except the overall concept of Mageia and what she will face in her journey. I enjoyed creating this book trailer and know it doesn't meet the professional level of trailers I've seen from most authors, but it's good enough. The message has been given and I am satisfied.

If you would like to see the book trailer please click HERE. It has been posted on YouTube and on my website for your enjoyment.

For Book 2, it will be published by the end of this year! Subscribe to my newsletter for more information and exclusive content as we reach that release date.

Overall, thank you to everyone supporting The Fairest and me. I appreciate the love and the reviews from all. Have a great July!

Sincerely not fair...



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