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Crimson Peak (2015) Review

OMG! Tom Hiddleston’s butt!… Okay I apologize. I must keep this very professional. This is my first review- all thanks to this movie not because of TH’s behind, but because this was a very good movie. 

External Links: to IMDB and Wattpad Rated: R Time: 1h 59min Year Released: 2015

Name of the Movie: Crimson Peak

It’s a catchy name. The word Crimson makes me think of blood red and very edgy dark depths. 0_o. This adjective placed before peak instantly makes me wonder why the peak is red (You’ll find out once you see movie). This title really creates questions about what to expect in this movie. Plus I love the color red. RATE: 10

Actors/Actresses— Character Role

>Tom Hiddleston I think was a great choice for this dark, mysterious, innocent-like Thomas Sharpe. His hair was on point. There were moments when he’d give his signature gaze that makes your heart melt. There was a quick nude scene- blush blush. Hiddleston really captured the spirit of this unusual character and forced you to fall in love with him, not because he was the sexy actor Hiddleston, but because you could sense his smiles were hiding darkness. Either a dark secret or a dark soul, which I desperately wanted to find out.

>Mia Wasikowski did a great job as Edith Cushing. I, being a female writer, was able to sympathize with her character due to a challenged history. What I mean by challenged is the fact that women during the Victorian Era was not encouraged to seek specific professions as men. So writing a book was out of the picture. There may have been some women who did achieve this, but the road was tough for sure. GO WOMEN!! Wasikowski did a splendid job, however, I had some angry moments concerning Edith Cushing. There were parts in the movie when I was shouting- “CALL THE DAMN GHOSTs!!” or “PACK YOUR BAGS AND LEAVE NOW!” (yeah you’ll see what I mean once you see the movie). One pet peeve I have is when a movie shows you a ton of useful weapons and the characters are oblivious of them and does not use them until it’s too late. Grrr.

>Jessica Chastain as Lucille Sharpe. One word HOT! Immediately, when her character was introduced I felt chills. I knew something was not right with the Sharpe siblings. Even with the creepy dead popping out of nowhere at some points, this woman would put you on edge. There were moments when I was like, “Her wires are not connected right up there.” And the main character Edith Cushing was just ignoring the warning signs that said “These two people are not normal… at all.”

>Charlie Hunnam as Dr. Allan McMichael. Hmmm….Am I the only one who had Heath Ledger in mind???? Anyone? Handsome as ever and dumb at some points. He’s that person you know who will get hurt at some point in the movie. Hunnam did well playing the young doctor. Wish he went to the Crimson Peak with a weapon and an army, but hey this was a movie. So….RATE: 8

Setting or Culture

The setting was in the Victorian Era with the beautiful puffy sleeved, long dresses and antiqued houses and furnishings. Dark and gloomy yet very high spirited and industrially advancing. I loved the proper English of both the Americans and the British. I was immediately placed in that time period which is very important for movies depicted in these Eras. You can’t create a film like this and only include the proper language and the clothing, but the culture too. For example, (Spoiler Alert) Edith Cushing wants to become an inspired writer- YAY GO WRITERS! But there’s a problem. During this time women weren’t encouraged to express their intelligence through writing or any form of media that was considered a man’s thing. They could do it though, but it was harder to achieve it. Women in those days were good for making their husbands look good or for smaller entertainments like parties or music. And don’t forget about raising children. Their voices were barely heard, but heard nonetheless HAHA! There were other ways the culture was correctly given, but I don’t want to spoil the movie. RATE: 9

Did it Meet up to its Genre Requirements?

Now let’s get to the creepy parts!! To add onto the culture aspect of the movie, the beginning was very creepy which also hooked me in. This movie had me covering my eyes and lowering the volume at some points. And it was very weird at the same time because I was laughing while being scared. I considered that the best type of creepy. Personally, I don’t want to go to bed at night with one eye open. I want to feel both creeped out and humored as possible. But that’s just me. For some reason, I kept feeling this vampire vibe from this movie. Tom Hiddleston and Jessica Chastain’s characters were so dark and mysterious that I was just waiting on the edge of my chair for one of them to start biting necks. Crimson Peak was like a blend of Interview with a Vampire, Queen of the Damned, and Dorian Grey and maybe a little bit of something else (I’ll add the movie later). RATE: 7


1. The creepy mysteries were great and done well! Plus there was closure. 🙂

2. Twists!!!! YESSSSS, except the vampire fangs. 🙂

3. Jessica Chastain’s character was hot (no homo)! 🙂

4. The romance aspect was somewhat believable… and emotionally evoking. 🙂

5. By the end of the movie, how did I feel? After watching any Tom Hiddleston movie I am solely convicted by his soft mysterious eyes and his innocent yet mischievous demeanor that makes me wonder if he is a real person….*breathes* 🙂


1. There will be no sequel as I know of! 😦

2. Tom Hiddleston’s butt was on screen for about 5 seconds. 😦

3. The dead people were weirdly used and Edith’s mother….. Can’t see how she fitted into this movie.

4. Charlie Hannum looks like Heath Ledger…or was my eyes just messing with me?

5. Edith Cushing’s hair was just too long.

6. Any type of addiction is bad for you….Yes I’m talking to you Thomas Sharpe and your strange clay machine. In other words…move out of that house or do some major renovation! 😮

Overall Rate!

[SWEET 45]

The best way to watch this movie is in the dark with a pillow and something to snack on.

Reviewer: LeQuita C. Harrison

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