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Movie Review: Jumanji (2017) I Will Rate 60/100

Every time I’m scrolling through the channel guide to see what interesting show or movie is on and I come across the 1995 classic Jumanji, I would always put it on. But this 2017 modern day Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, I would probably continue scrolling. 

When it comes to humor in the film industry, it has changed drastically. From clean humor and jokes to dirty provocative humor and jokes has increased over the years as comedians such as the Rock, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and many others find it satisfying to focus on bodily attributes rather than mere foolishness. And when it comes to foul language, that too has become the daily norm. Despite, the fact that I can go on all day about how backwards the moral aspect has gone in these days in time in society, I will focus on reviewing this movie. 

Would I go and see it again? Maybe not. Would I go and buy the movie or watch it on TV? Maybe not. Do not get me wrong, I do enjoy a movie from time to time staring Kevin Hart, Jack Black, and the Rock, but when it comes to a supposed family-oriented movie adaptation, I expected a bit more satisfaction. 

As I was exiting the movie theater, I counted about fifteen under-13-aged children in that theater who did not need to experience Jack Black’s infatuation with his manly parts – on the side of other scenes that did not need to be included. Just watching these provocative scenes that continued on more than three minutes, made me shake my head, shaming the director, the screenwriters, and the producers for turning the classic movie into an adult movie.

However, the premises of the classic movie, a person or a group of people being trapped in a game that would not release you until you either died or finished the game, was matched 100 percent. The whole video game aspect was great and there were a few silly scenes that had me laughing my breath away. The visual quality of the movie was great having the main characters trapped in a beautiful world of Jumanji and the action scenes came as needed and were not forced upon us. And with the pop up actor Nick Jonas really had me smiling from ear to ear. 

Overall, I would give 2017 Jumanji a 60 out of 100. If you are a parent who cares about what your child hears and consumes during the day, I would not take them to see this movie. If you are a parent that does not care then enjoy. Adults also enjoy. 

Tell me, did you enjoy the movie? Did the provocative scenes and the foul language swoosh over your head or made you cringe a bit? Please let me know below. I want to know YOUR thoughts!

-Written by LC. Harrison

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