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I Am A Bookworm!

Yes, I am totally a bookworm!

Right now I’m already reading A Clash of Kings from the Song of Ice and Fire Series (aka Game of Thrones 2nd bk). I know I am a bit late but that never bothers me. Time does not matter when it comes to books. Plus so far I’d rather read the books than watch the show, too much nudity and scenes/stories that never happens in the books. I think if a director or producer want to show some respect to the author, they’d keep the scenes they’ve chosen, the character’s names and personalities, and never add ridiculous unnecessary nudity which is extremely sinful by the way. But whatever. Within a few week I should be finished the second book. My goal is to be finished the third book by time the next season of Game of Thrones return. Ugh. You just don’t know how much better it is to read a book rather than see it displayed terribly on screen.

So on the side of reading the book above, I have started a novel for my Exploring Literature class at UB. Life on the Color Line by Gregory Howard William. It’s surprisingly good. Thanks to both English and Creative Writing class my antennas has been risen to the sound of memoirs. To read about other people’s lives are so oddly interesting. Sometimes I wonder if I wrote down my entire life in a novel if it’d sound as persuasive or captivating as those works I’ve read so far. Amy Tan, Richard Wright, and now Gregory. I think I will start jotting down some memories I can easily recall to create a short memoir. Hmm… *idea noted*

Now I’m not finished! My grandmother had just recently finished this book about the Last Days of Earth. You know leading up to when Jesus returns. Now when you’re

grandmother starts bragging excitingly about a thick book as the one I’m about to tell you, then you’d be begging for her to hand it over. So on the east side of my reading shriek I will be starting the first book in the A Novel of the Earth’s Last Days series written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. It is called Left Behind. Also you’ve probably have seen the trailer of Nicholas Cage on a crashing airplane. Yep, that’s the book being depicted into a movie. Remember what I said. Books will always out beat its movie, ten fold. After reading the first couple pages, airplane scene…. yeah I’m hooked.

Still I’m not finished. Going into the fourth book on my Bookworm list. Tears of the Sea written by my favorite favorite favorite author named MaryLu Tyndall.

*applause*. I love her books. Plus she is a devoted Christian and intertwines pirates and magic with Jesus. Talking about hard, but she pulls it off! This book is about a woman being trapped inside a mermaids curse waiting for a man to fall in love with her and die for her. Talking about heart stopper. And to make this better, I bought it off of Amazon so it’s BRAND NEW! Yayyyy I’m going to have my own book-nerd bookworm party. Who wants to join? Haha.

Overall, 4 books I will be reading all at once. I know I can do it. Jesus knows how much I enjoy reading. Let’s just pray I can finish a novel before my next birthday. Jesus help me! I can’t wait to get my writings out there!

Alright! Good night!

LCH signing off

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