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Who is Mageia Unknown?

If nothing else catches your attention when you meet Mageia Unknown, it better be her eyes!

Purple since the day her mama gave birth to her, her eyes are the reason why she must stay hidden in the Kingdom of Ardania. In this kingdom located on the northwest side of the Realm of Valeera, people can only be one of two titles. Fair or Strange. If you’re born Fair and stay this way, you are considered physically and mentally well and favored by the gods. But if you’re born Strange or turn Strange later in life, it means you’re the opposite and the gods have disowned you. The life of a Strange is harsh and could lead to execution if you don’t stay out of the spotlight.

So Mageia grew up as an outcast living on the outskirts of Ardania with her growing family of Strange youths. She is known by others as the Purple Thief. The name obviously identifying her unnatural eye color and her ruthless occupation of taking what doesn’t belong to her. But somehow she is pure at heart, filled with love, compassion, and hope for a better future. She constantly prays for and fight for freedom and unity in her homeland. However, she will come to see that one should be careful for what they ask for.

Meet Mageia Unknown in the first book of The Fairest Series. She might need your support and encouragements for what is to come.

Available as Paperback and EBook anywhere where books are sold.

Written by LeQuita C. Harrison

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