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Seeking Beta Readers

Hey everyone and Hey Fairest of the Fairs!

My on-going YA Fantasy series is my heart and joy. Like every other writer in the world, I want this series to be published one day. And now that I have went through an amazing journey self-publishing STUCK, my desire to publish my Fairest Series is unbearable. 

Yes, it is true, once you share your writings and your work to the world, whether the platform, it is considered self-published, but there is nothing better than to go beyond this and officially publish something. To have the hardcopy and all your hard work in your hands. 

My goal now is to perfect Book One: The Fairest and prepare it for this journey. This brings me to my announcement. I am seeking beta readers who love to read (specifically YA Fantasy Fiction) and are serious in giving good critiques and feedback. 

If you're interested, please contact me or email me at 

I will provide a list of questions and topics I would like you to address as you read. I hope, if you do decide to help, you will do so because you love to read and to help a fellow writer/reader. 

Thank you for checking out this announcement. 
I look forward to this goal and possibly working with you.

From LeQuita C. Harrison

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