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What Writing Mean to Me

Every time someone asks me this question “What does writing mean to you?” I always say freedom. I can’t help but to say freedom.

In our world today we are sometimes oppressed to give our opinions or forced into a bubble where we have to accept the every day norm and be like everyone else. Well, I am not like everyone else. Instead of entrapping my mind from exploring and learning, I release it. I allow my imagination and my curiosity to take me on journeys I will never forget. Limitations do not exist. We are the reasons why we limit ourselves. So I indulge myself in the creative realm to feel that sense of liberty I wish everyone could claim.

Writing gives me the ability to relax. Every day I am busy from working my day job to surviving adult life and whenever I find the opportunity to sit down and write a chapter or a short story, I claim it very quickly. I get to create characters, settings, and situations that may seem uncontrollable but the true fact in the matter is that I am in control. I am the master of what will happen, who it will happen to, where and how. And if anyone criticizes or judges what I write about then I welcome it. Because feedback not only makes me stronger but I feel empowered to know that my words impacted someone. Whether positively or negatively, the feedback fuels me to keep doing what I love the most.

For most of my writing, I do research. I learn about interesting facts of the world and depending on the story, I could twist it, change it, or show a character doing something about it. In my debut book, The Fairest, Mageia Unknown (the protagonist) lives in a kingdom that discriminates on people with disabilities or internal/external physical issues because they believe the only way to be the fairest in the realm is to be untouchable and free of impurities. Well, that same mindset dwells with us in today’s society where being perfect is a priority and usually gets the most attention. If you make one mistake or you’re different from someone else then you are the outcast and are ridiculed for it.

I want my readers to despise this dark spirit and aim to do something about it. We need change. And Mageia in The Fairest not only will come to change this but will be the change this kingdom and the realm needs. Writing is freedom to discuss and acknowledge the good and bad in the world around us and hope it wakes people up. Do not become a part of the problem. Be the solution and be the change, just like Mageia.

What does writing mean to me? Freedom. And I won’t let anyone take that from me.

If you are a writer or you have a special hobby/job/talent, what does it mean to you? Why? Comment below.

Written by LeQuita C. Harrison

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