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2021 New Year Goals

Hello Fairest of the Fair!

This year was not only been strange, but sad and scary. But we must continue to have hope and pray for this Covid-19 to go away and for people suffering from this virus all over the world. Not just the USA. So as we are soon to enter Year 2021, let us hold one another up and place all our trust in God.

To keep myself motivated and uplifted, I have been thinking about what I want to happen by or in next year. I know it is the middle of December, but I want to set some goals for Year 2021 right now. Who’s with me?

1 When it comes to my writing, I would love to enter contests. I have been procrastinating for soooooo long, wanting to submit my short story work in various contests. And what am I waiting for? I don’t even know! So today, I am going to push myself to write, edit, and submit stories. You should do the same thing too. Let us make Year 2021 ours!

2 YES my Fairest of the Fair! I need to finish this sequel to The Fairest. I have been so busy this year, on the side of tackling this virus and virtual school, I need to write more. My favorite writers always give great advice and one of those is to find time to write. I shake my head at this because I know they’re right but life gets in the way. Don’t worry though. I will finish Book Two hopefully by March of next year.

3 Blog MORE!!! A while back, I created this idea to have a spiritual blog focusing on history and the bible. Let’s just say my adversary Procrastination got in the way. So hopefully, next year I will have done some intensive research, study, and writing essays relating to the Bible and Jesus Christ to post and share with you. And if you only want Fairest News, don’t worry, you will get more of those too! Inside scoops, character profiles, and much much more! I promise!

4 Plan and scheduling! You do not have a clue on how hard it is to keep up with my life. I have been unemployed for some time now and I need a job. On the side of this, I have my design business, my freelance businessesssss, my writings-in-progress, and so much more I am doing. I just thank God I have not crashed yet. But I love everything I do and will never exchange it for anything else. If you have any tips on how you plan and schedule your life, please comment or email me. I am in need of some organization.

So. There you go. I have written four of my top goals for Year 2021. Please pray for me and for everyone in the world. If you need specific prayer, please email me and I can add you to my church’s prayer list. Remember in the midst of this unprecedent time, God is STILL in control.

Thank you for reading and please come back for more!

From LeQuita,

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