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My Experience as a Graduate

I’ve been in school nonstop. I thought after I graduated with my BA in English that I would take a nice long break, work, and increase my savings account. But nope, I decided to continue my education but this time it was focused on creative writing and the world of publishing.

I returned to The University of Baltimore and joined the MFA Creative Writing and Publishing Arts program and let’s just say I do not regret it. From my first class called Creative Ways of Seeing to four years later taking my Thesis Classes, I have learned much and wrote a lot. I have met amazing, talented people and participated in a variety of useful classes.

I am thankful for this journey. I only pray that once I graduate that I would find myself in the fields of my choosing. Those fields being in publishing and/or film production. I leave the MFA program with my own self-published book of short stories called STUCK. And I pray that I will continue to publish more of my work either by contest, self-publishing, or traditional publishing.

From years of having a close relationship with Jesus, I’ve come to accept that all things are possible when you trust in him. I’ve come to accept that I can do anything I want. I know I must never give up on my dreams and goals and to see the brighter side of everything. I wish all of my fellow peers in the MFA program the best.

So, overall, I have enjoyed myself as a graduate student. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me and my peers. Go CLASS OF 2022!

God bless and remember to never give up!

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