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The Strangest has reached 1k!

Hello Fairest of the Fair!

I have some STRANGE news to tell you today! Because of you amazing readers, The Strangest has met the 1,000 mark on Wattpad today!

I give you a thousand – no – a million thank yous for supporting and reading my books. To show my appreciation, I posted two chapters for your enjoyment today.

Update on Writing: So, because Wattpad hasn’t added auto-scheduling yet, I am planning on posting five chapters once a month. I am still in the process of writing the sequel, but to help balance my time and my life, posting once a month would be great for me. Expect 5 chapters to be given to you on the next posting day, Friday, December 25, 2020. We will start the New Year 2021 with five posts every month until the sequel is fully posted. The dates on when I will do this will be at random, so please follow my blog or add The Strangest into a reading list to receive updates.

Again! Thank you so much everyone for reading. You guys are amazing! Stay safe and have a happy holiday.

From LeQuita

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