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Write From the Heart

Anyone can tell a story. You don’t have to be the greatest writer in the world to simply write a story. If you have an imagination, thank God for it and make sure to never neglect it. Feed it by reading stories and books by other writers or if you’re a TV show and movie addict indulge in a good visual once in a while. Creativity is all around us and we shouldn’t let anything or anyone stop us from expressing ourselves. Take time to sit and write what’s in your heart. Whether its fantasy fiction or that memoir you’ve been thinking about doing. Whenever you are given the opportunity to give joy and happiness to someone else’s life, take it and go wild. If you tell yourself, Oh I’m not a writer, I can’t tell this story that’s been on my mind. Then you’re forgetting about the hundreds of resources we have in this world to help you tell that story. We have editors, ghost writers, Instagram, Facebook, YOUTUBE…. and the list goes on. Sit before a video camera and simply tell the story and post it. Do not take ‘Write from the Heart’ literally. All you need to do is express yourself and share your thoughts to the world in any way you feel comfortable. Just make sure it’s from the heart and believe me, you will be happy and those blessed to hear your story will be too. 

Inspiration Time with LeQuita Harrison

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