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Bryan M. Litfin’s Chiveis Trilogy- My Thoughts

I enjoy reading Bryan M. Litfin’s book series called the Chivies Trilogy. I love them so much I wish he continued the series to at least a fourth one. But then I’d probably want him to make a fifth one. (Laughs). I was walking around the Lifeway store (A store surrounding around religions mainly Christianity and Catholicism), and I came across The Sword. Now I am the type of young woman who enjoy adventureous, romance, mystical, fantasy, historical, and religious books. When I read the summary on its back I immediatly was drawn in. My conciousness- being a lunatic for books- was shouting “BUY IT!” and then the other half of me was screaming, “LeQuita I know you see how much this book cost! 0_o.” So after walking around the store collecting other similar books placing those I want the most on the bottom, I finally made a decision. See I’m the type of girl who enjoy series. Like who doesn’t? I love watching the characters grow and the heavy descriptions playing on my mind like a movie or tv show. So I brought the book. The first book.

I opened to the first page which was the prologue and I must say, I never put that book down. I was finished it in a matter of a week. The funny part about this is that I hated myself for finishing the book so early but I couldn’t help myself. And then I don’t have a car yet so I had to beg someone to take me back to the store and buy the next one. About four weeks later I brought the second part and literally made it stretched. In between of reading this book I read The Centurion’s Wife written by authors Davis Bunn and Janette Oke…over again. Yea I’m a rereader. Sadly I didn’t finished that book because my fingers were glued on The Gifted. Beautiful story of Teofil and Ana roaming the lost woods of what use to be Europe. Exciting it was. Litfin just had you captivated on what’s going to happen next. It was as if I was in the book or in the moment with them. I must say I admire true love. You know when two people are best friends for a while and it turns into a romance. It weakens me.

Now I just brought the third book…yes I know. (The Kingdom). Today, my aunt took me to the Lifeway store and I smiled all the way there, walking through the store, picking it up in my hands, and walking it to the checkout counter. I was thrilled on what Litfin had set forward on this lovebug adventure. I admire how the man created the religion of Christianity and/or Catholicism in his books. It’s as if the world truely had ended and religion vanished and was now coming to light. God is good. No matter how dark things can get God will always find a way to spark a light. I am tremendously touched by this series.

I, myself, am a beginning writer, as most say it, seeing I haven’t published an actual book yet. But I did get one poem published at the age of 13. That’s a starter and a great push to get one of my books in the market. I am presently working on a number of ideas. I find it exhilerating to do. I love to write and express myself and express many stories. I am a young black woman in the Lord, so I have a nack in relating my stories to main characters who are young, black, and a woman. Sorry but that is my writing prefrences…although I enjoy all kinds of books. When I write my stuff, its more like I’m in the book with all the experiences. Although, many of the experiences are made up and truely opposite of mines but I just love it. One day I pray I will either have a novel published and become top rated that it becomes a movie or one day I will be apart of someone’s successful novel/movie. Sorry, but my imagination is uncontrollable.

So Thank you Bryan Litfin for writing the Chiveis Trilogy. I have a deep hunch that you might pull a fourth one on us. I pray so. I mean I just totally love Teofil and Ana and this story of reintroducing Jesus Christ. I wish all people read this book. Matter of fact I wish all people would read in general. You never know what will touch you in a positive way. And make you feel good about yourself, the present, and the future.

Have a blessed day everyone and remember Jesus Loves You and Reading is Good for the Soul.

-LeQuita C. Harrison- 6/17/13

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