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Walking Bones – a poem

How can people do that? How can they walk right pass you And don’t speak? Even when I say hello, how’re you doing? They just look at me Am I a ghost or in some form of Invisibility? I know I may not mean nothing to you But if I A simple girl Have the proper decency to Give you notice, To give you some form of existence Then why can’t you Show some in return? What have I done to you? I wake up in the morning- -Thank you Jesus- And start my day with a smile Across my face New hopes and mercies I gain I lift my chin high Because I am somebody I don’t know about you… While breath still enters and exits my body While blood still runs through my veins Yes, I am real. I am a person. Feel my skin, poke me for all I care I am a living soul Wipe the veil growing over your eyes I know I have God on my side And I don’t need no better friend But wow. Can people be so distant from their brains That they end up loosing themselves And looking like fools And don’t even know it? What a shame. I shake my head And go on with my day At least I know who I am I don’t need your confirmation Because when you decided not to Say anything back and kept moving on You just proved That you are nothing but walking bones

February 2016 by LeQuita C. Harrison

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